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  1. FAQ's About the Store
  2. FAQ's About Shipping and Returns

FAQ’s About The Store

  1. Is it safe to put my credit card information on your site?

Of course! We don't actually store this personal information of yours, we merely process it. You can be assured that your information will never be compromised by us.

  1. What is your privacy policy?

If we ask for your personal information for a reason such as marketing, this information will stay in our hands. If we think we have an opportunity that you might appreciate, you will only find out if you’ve expressed consent to receive communications from us. We do use pinterest google and facebook analytics.

  1. Do you charge taxes?

Depending on the final shipping location, we might be required to legally charge tax to our customers. The rate of sales tax is dependent on the delivery address of the order (Province, State, Country).

  1. Why doesn't my product look like the picture...?

It's hard to ensure that all computer screens have similar monitor display settings. The products may have a slight variation in colour due to this, but send us a message if the product is completely out of order.

  1. Why are your prices in USD when you're Canadian?

As we're hoping to increase the global reach of our organization, we've found that USD conversion is much easier for the majority of our customers then CAD conversion. You can change prices to a variety of different currency options at the top right of our website next to the search bar.

     6. Do you do bulk orders?

We would love to complete an order for your business, bachelor or bachelorette party, or bridal/groomsman groups. Contact us at info@flaskmasters regarding bulk purchases.

FAQ’s About Shipping and Returns

  1. How does shipping work? How long will it take to get to me?

As our products are sourced from a variety of locations and sent globally, shipping times unfortunately differ.  We resolve to get the product to you at the best cost for you, and in the most timely manner. All products will be shipped with tracking if at all possible for your country. The shipment time expectation for some of our products produced in North America could take a week, whereas others products might be closer to a month if they’re based from a further supplier.

  1. My order arrived incomplete or damaged... What is going on?

Send us an email at info@flaskmasters.store. This should not have happened to you, and we’re exceptionally sorry. Please send us a picture of the product, and we’ll do our best to work with you to ensure a suitable replacement arrives.

  1. I would like to return my product, am I able to do so?

Definitely! If you contact us within 10 days of shipment arrival, and the product is both an unused and a non custom (non-engraved) flask, we can definitely make a return work. Unfortunately, we may ask you to cover the shipping costs associated with the product depending on the circumstances.

     4.  Do you always have free shipping?

Our plan is to offer free shipping on all products within our store. The only exception to this will be products that are offered for free as promotions. These products will have a shipping cost associated as we will already be paying for the product itself.